Teresa Lacerda has had her atelier in Bairro Alto since 1974. She was among the first to open an exhibition space and shop in the trendiest groundbreaking area of Lisbon. Teresa shows her own artistic work in dialogue with art objects from all over the world, mostly from her travels in Asia.

African and Asian art cross paths here,  inspiring constant and innovative dialogues of materials and themes. Recycled materials such as egg boxes, driftwood, leaves, wires, animal skeletons, may turn up in luminous birds, rich samurai helmets and costumes or many other unexpected creations.

Cabinet compositions - Kunstkammer style - with fossils, shells, deadwood and even pottery fragments, create their own dialects with Teresa’s other creations - paintings, calligraphy, sculpture - or with objects from ancient cultures.  A curiosity cabinet by artist Luís Marques Pais is currently on show at the atelier.

                                                                                                                                                      Come in and enjoy!


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