about me


Since 1974, I have had my studio and gallery  in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto district, where I show my work in dialogue with a selection of Art objects brought from all over the world.

My creations in recycled materials, such as egg boxes, driftwood, aluminum, leaves, wires,  animal skeletons, turn up in luminous birds or in rich samurai helmets and costumes.

In my cabinet compositions, kunstkammer style, we can find fossils, shells and deadwood, even pottery fragments that speak their own dialects with my creations.

Kimonos are one of the recurrent themes in my paintings.  Lately, I’m working on a large scale “Bestiaire” series.

Nature is a theme of permanent interest and fascination for me.


I studied Set and Costume Design for Theatre at the Lisbon Conservatory, and Fine Arts at the António Arroio School of Arts.

In Paris I worked with Rostislav Duboujinsky in animal masks for theatre and ballet and, in Lisbon - for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,  in Opera and Ballet costumes and accessories for the Music Festival.

I also worked as assistant to Ana Jotta for the movie “Silvestre” directed by João César Monteiro and, together with Jasmim, I was responsible for set design of the movie “Crónica dos Bons Malandros” directed by Fermando Lopes.

For the 17th European Scientific and Cultural Exhibition, in Lisbon, in 1983, I was invited to make the mural paintings of the new section of the National Ancient Art Museum.

“Contemporary groundbreaking creation, archaic testimonies and the power of the natural bond together in a serene and ageless universe that is lived in depth by the artist.” 

                        Luís Peixoto, Curator, “Nan-Ban Jin 3 # XXI, Tokyo, June 2010

teresa lacerda